What I Can Do For You


Writing is challenging. Writing really well is even harder.

This is where I step in. I will make your writing as good as it can be. I will use my many years of experience and training to fine tune what you have written to ensure you say what you want to say. Your work, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, will be better under my care.

For more information about what I have edited, click here.

History Writing

With a broad interest and experience in history, I am qualified to write the history of your organisation whether it is a school, a business or community group. I have published a history of Doncare, a welfare organisation in Doncaster, written for exhibitions and edited histories by heritage organisation Context.


With the creative flair proven by the publication of fiction, I can write the copy for your company, organisation or web site. With many years experience as an editor and writer, I can make your copy precise and perfect.

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